Frozen vegetables bad for Health

Fertigprodukt, Fertigprodukte, Fertiggericht, Tiefkühlkost, Konserve, Dose, Instant, Kühlregal, Zusatzstoffe, Geschmacksverstärker © Colourbox Although convenience foods save time, but also often contain many additives © Colourbox

alat aus der Tüte, Gemüsesuppe zum Anrühren, die Komplettmahlzeit in der Aluschale - das Angebot an Fertigprodukten ist riesig. S alat out of the bag, vegetable soup for mixing, the complete meal on the aluminum tray - the supply of finished products is huge. Where time, talent or inclination missing, the industry has always has a solution, and if you want, you can completely leave the food preparation. In modern kitchens do not even have to have a stove, there are ample selection of dishes for the microwave. Two thirds of the foods are processed industrially and rising.

Convenience food, as it is called in the food trade, the large and growing group of finished products. Convenience is translated convenience. And the name says it, it is still to foods in which we, the industry has already taken some of the work: Depending on the degree of processing it saves a mere preparation or equal to the complete preparation including seasoning.

Rough rule of thumb: The more processed the food is, the more additives and flavorings are usually contain it. There are exceptions, but it's worth it to keep this rule in mind. Then you will be automatically skeptical when on a bag of freshly harvested vegetables soup of the question.

The convenience trap

No question, convenience saves a lot of time. And the favorite frozen pizza always tastes the same delicious, no matter whether. Bavaria or on the North Sea coast However, this comes at a price: In order to maintain constant quality and taste, the manufacturers are almost always additives , flavorings and flavor enhancers in. The higher the degree of processing, the more. About broccoli that tastes bag broccoli soup, broccoli is not on the chemical itself makes it possible.

The eponymous vegetable soups such is in fact usually contain only trace amounts. vitamins , minerals , phytochemicals ? None. Some manufacturers try to compensate for the lack of nutritional value by adding vitamins. But what makes vegetables as healthy, is the interaction of different substances that do not have the same effect in isolated form and in certain circumstances may even be harmful.

On the drip industry

At each finished product that comes to market, food designers, chemists and technologists were involved. They ensure that the taste buds the impression of a real meal and genuine products is mediated. Often, they are even better than nature. For example, many children today are no longer strawberries sweet and intense enough. Them is the taste of industrial copy of milkshakes or yogurt familiar, the original can not keep up. Such flavors characterize a lifetime: Growing up with mostly finished instead of fresh produce, as an adult is hardly true of fruit and vegetables to be convincing.

The complete menu from the microwave oven is wonderfully convenient. No snipping, no cleaning. But also little room for individual nutrition. Who alone can cooking the food companies, has hardly impact on how much fat , salt and sugar he takes to himself - Substances that are most plentifully represented in ready meals. In addition, many of sheer convenience forget easily that many things can do it yourself with a few easy steps. From real ingredients. And without flavor enhancers .

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Layonna vegetarian foods

Our local natural foods co-op carries these products
I've tried the "shrimp," they were pretty good, fairly realistic! Perhaps you can email them to find out who carries them.
Large Asian markets carry vegan "seafoods" in the frozen cases, you should be able to check the ingredients labels to determine if they're vegan, as the staff don't usually speak much English.

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