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What the German Captain Iglo, the Americans Captain Birdseye. Latter there was really almost a hundred years ago, he looked at the frozen food by the Inuit from. From Hellmuth Vensky

Really know the good citizens of Springfield in the American Massachusetts not know what to do with the rock hard frozen spinach and frozen fish, on 6 March 1930 are in their supermarket. Frozen foods they have never seen before. Fortunately consultants are behind the display. So if the product is available for purchase here for the first time ordinary customers, a huge success.

Its beginning the story takes this success much earlier between 1912 and 1915. As a young scientist commissioned by the U.S. authorities on the road in the Canadian Arctic to study the lives of the natives - and the way to act a few skins. His name is Clarence Birdseye.


Birdseye: would this story in a British newspaper, the readers would be skeptical now? Captain Birdseye? Because that's the name on the UK market, the advertising character who accidentally causes Captain Iglo German than over the oceans and always experiencing new adventures. In the Arctic Ocean, for example.

Birds Eye and Iglo The Birds Eye brand experienced a turbulent history: The company is renamed posthumously with the acquisition of Birdseyes company to General Foods. In 1985, the company is bought by the then conglomerate Philip Morris and merged with force. Today, Birds Eye is in the U.S. again an independent company. In Europe the brand is part of the long Anglo-Dutch Unilever, but the both Birds Eye and Iglo sold in 2006, the German equivalent to the financial investor Permira.

Four basic methods of preservation are there some techniques to combine several of them. For example by drying, salting, cooling or freezing, airtight packaging or packaging under inert atmosphere - The easiest way harmful organisms to evade the livelihood and thus to prevent the growth is.

Also relatively simple to kill bacteria and other organisms and to prevent a new contact, for example by boiling, pasteurization or fumigation is. Also gassing and irradiating with radioactivity are manifestations of this method.

Only in some foods can be one of the ingredients as much focus that it prevents the development of harmful organisms - for example, in the distillation of fruit or grain (alcohol kills bacteria) or the refining of fats (contaminants as nutrients for pests are eliminated).

Food additives can also prevent the development of microbial pests (bacteria) and makrobiellen (fungi, worms, insects). These include pickling salt, vinegar, alcohol or sugar syrup.

No method of preservation in the narrower sense is the refinement, about milk into cheese or juice to wine. Here, the initial product is targeted "corrupt" and the result is often more durable.

In fact, the inventor of frozen food Clarence Birdseye's. Without captain. 1886 in Brooklyn, New York born, biology student. In 1910 and 1911 he worked for the first time the U.S. authorities, collected in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana hundreds of small mammals to feed their vermin of the research in terms of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

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Foods I will not eat...

Seafood beyond the usual fish. (perch, cod, haddock, tuna, salmon etc.) Although I will venture out on some shrimp every once in a while.
Stale baked goods. Not worth their weight in calories.
Wonder White bread and the like. Oddly enough I love dinner rolls of any type. But when it comes to sliced bread, I have to have the whole grain stuff that has no HFCS or Trans Fats. (tough to find!)
American Cheese. I ... just can't. I could when I was little, I could even handle the Velveeta crap. No More!
Frozen Pot Pies. Actually, Swanson frozen anything. I have boycotted this company for years because their food made me sick, a lot

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