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ASRMWe want to provide our patients with as much information as possible.In addition to what is already available on our website,we have prepared this list of online resources about infertility and its treatment.The links below lead to pages that contain comprehensive information on the latest in infertility and assisted reproduction.We add a brief description next to each link. ASRM
The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (American Society for Reproductive Medicine) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study and knowledge of reproductive biology and medicine related.The doctors associated with the ASRM must adhere to the ethical principles governing the medical profession,to express an interest in human reproductive biology and medicine related and share the goals of the organization. SART
The Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology) is the largest organization of professionals dedicated to assisted reproduction in the United States.This entity is to the establishment and enforcement of quality standards in assisted reproduction,to provide the best assistance to both patients and associate members. RESOLVE
The National Infertility Association (National Infertility Association) since 1974,the RESOLVE has helped thousands of people who have experienced infertility.The aim of RESOLVE is to provide assistance and information through public education and advocacy for people who are facing a problem of infertility .. AFA
The American Fertility Association (American Fertility Association) is a national organization whose purpose is to serve as a permanent resource for all those who need information and assistance,and to promote the adoption and reproductive health through education,awareness ,research and patient advocacy. My Egg Bank North America
In 2010,Reproductive Biology Associates (RBA) established My Egg Bank North America (MEB-NA),a network of high quality infertility centers frozen donor egg bank providing services to patients across the United States and Canada.My Egg Bank Donors meet all screening guidelines required by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). IntegraMed
IntegraMed America,Inc. provides financial services and offers payment plans to health centers that specialize in the treatment and diagnosis of infertility.Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut is one of the 25 centers in the United States which forms part IntegraMed network.A TIME Fertile Hope
Fertile Hope is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information,support and hope to cancer patients whose treatment involves the risk of losing fertility.Fertile Hope focuses on the following five areas: research,awareness,education,financial assistance and counseling. Fertility Lifelines
Initiative Serono,Inc.,Fertility Lifelines is a confidential service that provides individualized assistance information to people who are facing fertility problems.The template expert professionals integrate customer,reproductive nursing and medical insurance over the telephone consultation offer general information about infertility treatments and drugs,provide help with insurance policies and refer to specialists in assisted reproduction . A TIME
A TIME is an organization that represents the interests of men,women and Jewish couples who face fertility problems,through its various programs of information,advice,research and assistance. INCIID
The International Council for the Disclosure of Information on Infertility (INCIID,pronounced as in English "inside") is a nongovernmental organization that provides assistance to single people and couples to explore what possibilities have to start a family.The INCIID (International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination) provides current information and immediate support regarding the diagnosis,treatment and prevention of infertility and abortions,as well as guidance to those considering adoption or childlessness. Growing Generations
Growing Generations is a company that since 1996 is dedicated to the vision of creating life and,in turn,change the world in the process.Founded by gays and lesbians with children,has a simple goal: to help the gay community to form their own families,through surrogate motherhood and egg and sperm donation. Reproductive Lawyer
Law firm of lawyer Melissa Brisman specializes in reproductive law and order issues as at birth,surrogacy,claims to insurers and affiliation to gay couples. IHR - Internet Health Resources
This website contains extensive information on IVF,ICSI,IVF clinics,egg donation and surrogacy,urology,sperm banks,pharmacies,publications on infertility,semen analysis,counseling the infertile couple,drugs,etc.. Michael Werner,MD
Dr. Werner is a certified specialist in urology that deals exclusively with the problems of sexual dysfunction and male infertility.Engaging in such specialized areas enables you to concentrate your work and offer the most advanced treatments and modern,with the best guarantees of success for their patients. National Embryo Donation Center
The National Embryo Donation (National Embryo Donation Center) located at Baptist Hospital for Women in Knoxville,is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the protection of life and dignity of human embryos through the promotion of embryo donation and adoption. Take Shape For Life
Obesity has reached epidemic proportions in the United States.Two-thirds of adult Americans are overweight,a problem that predisposes to disease such as diabetes,heart disease,arthritis,liver disease,certain cancers and even sterility.National Embryo Donation Center Reproductive Medicine Associates of Connecticut is working with Take Shape for Life to offer their patients a weight loss plan that allows them to lose weight for life.Take Shape for Life is a comprehensive program designed by Dr. Wayne Andersen,emergency medicine specialist and leader in nutritional interventions. RMA Genetics
Through Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD),RMA Genetics helps patients achieve their goal of bringing a healthy baby into the world. Genesis Genetics Institute
Genesis Genetics Institute is the PGD laboratory of choice for many of the Most respected IVF clinics in the world.Genesis Genetics Institute is the pioneer of pre-implantation testing of embryos for inherited genetic abnormalities. The Urology Center
Consultation Dr. Stanton Honig,a urologist specializing in male fertility disorders and sexual dysfunction,as well as general urology.Dr. Honig holds the title of specialist in medicine and surgery of the male reproductive system and urological performs microsurgical procedures,field teaching focuses well in college.
Conceive provides information on how to start a family to prospective parents on issues such as infertility,preconception health,pregnancy and adoption. American Pregnancy Association
The American Pregnancy Association (American Pregnancy Association) is a national organization dedicated to the promotion of reproductive health and pregnancy through education,research and awareness of society.

SART aia Growing Generations Reproductive Lawyer (Melissa B. Brisman, Esq)

2003-02-06 09:52:48 by uleddie

Investors wanted

We are a Gourmet Foods delivery company titled American Prime. We sell gourmet frozen foods to home owners in the greater bay area. We are profitable working with a proven business model. We are not actually looking to sell, but are looking for some inevstor(s) to help us expand. You put up the money and we do all the work. We have been in the business for over 15 years, but just recently decided to make a go at it on our own. This business has the potential to be a multi million dollar a year business, with a little help to expand.
If this sounds of interest to anybody out there please email us at ebarna@uldesign

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