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Fewer potatoes in school lunches? But… then kids would eat less

Food and culinary trends revealed in 2013. At present it is A. Elizabeth Sloan, president of Sloan Trends & Solutions Inc. and author of a recent article in the Food Technology Magazine , magazine of the Institute of Food Technology (ift) in Chicago. After collecting data from various industrial sources, Sloan has compiled the following top 10 trends on the subject of food.

More attention to the flavors. Consumers no longer look at food only as a source of food, in fact, 1 in 4 meals prefers "tasty", an adjective that includes both the presence of a particular flavor, but also the freshness and culinary traditions . The cuts of meat to cook at home are chosen as if they were purchased for a restaurant and there is a greater predisposition (doubled compared to 3 years ago) looking for more full-bodied flavors, such as spicy, smoky, salty, the herb-flavored, sour and bitter.

A new definition of "healthy." Nine out of 10 consumers consider the most healthful fresh foods and 80% look for the term "fresh" on the purchased products. Not only that, 58% do so in the restaurant. Other definitions are increasingly sought after "homemade", "craft", "seasonal" and "frozen", but also other expressions that guarantee the best conditions for the breeding of the animals involved in food production.

A new kitchen for a new generation. Those born in the 80s are less and less at the restaurant. As a result, the food industry seeks to offer products to be consumed at home that can meet this new generation of home cooks who, however, have a poor attitude culinary and tend to consume food pre-cooked or frozen. However, 44% of young people said that it is important to use fresh, even if you do not mind at all sauces or meat ready.

Meals increasingly solitary. Regardless of the family situation, more and more people sitting at the table alone, consuming more foods feschi or chilled and frozen. Even the way to breakfast has changed often you eat something at home, you stop at a bar for a coffee and has a snack mid-morning.

Safety first., 17% of consumers have stopped buying certain products because of concerns about their safety. Among the most feared contaminants there are antibiotics and hormones, but there are also those who make the calories a safety issue and would like it even restaurants indicassero the calorie content of the courses. Not only, in this case also come into play breeding conditions of the animals.

The seven size-calorie foods. See the photogallery

Global power. Ethnic cuisine is no longer sought-after as before. Rather consumers seeking to enter international ingredients in traditional dishes.

Products from farms. Increased purchases locally, from small producers or trademarks related to farms. Similarly, the farmhouses have more and more successful.

Make way for finger food., 45% of consumers love the small portions "hit and run".

The added value of nutrients. In 2012, 78% of consumers have tried to increase the intake of vitamins and 57% consume more products with specific nutrients, such as omega-3.

Omega3 at the table here 8 recipes that are good for the heart. See the photogallery

A Mother's Heart. Women with children are more likely to buy products improved from the nutritional point of view and would like for their children healthy diets, even outside the home.

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