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Processed Food Sector in Mexico

The processed food industry is shaped by grinding sub grains and seeds,fats and oils obtained,without cocoa confectionery,preservation of fruits,vegetables and prepared foods,dairy products,meat processing livestock and poultry,preparation and packaging of fish and seafood,bakery and tortillas,among others ..

In Mexico,the processed food industry has grown considerably in recent years,mainly due to its productivity and availability of raw materials,the country's macroeconomic strength,competitiveness to attract foreign investment and the country's capacity to serve as an export platform to more than 40 countries with which it has agreements.

In 2012,production of the processed food industry in Mexico was U.S. $ 123.954 million,representing 23.2% of manufacturing GDP and 4.1% of national GDP.

In 2012,the main export destinations were the United States,Japan,and Guatemala,with a share of 68.5%,6.3% and 2.4% in total Mexican exports of the industry,respectively.

In 2012 Mexico was:

• The 1st exporter of cocoa powder with sugar.

• The 3rd cooked frozen strawberries.

• The 4 to exporter of vegetables and pickled fruits.

• The 5 th exporter of confectionery and cereal products obtained by the swelling.

• The 7 to exporter of cookies.

Mexican Companies

Some of the main Mexican processed foods are:

• Grupo Bimbo

• Grupo Industrial Lala

• Gruma

• Sigma Alpha

• Industries Bachoco

• Pure Milk Producers Livestock

• Grupo Herdez

• Grupo La Moderna

• Group Bafar

• MoH Group

Attracting Foreign Direct Investment

The investment has grown in Mexico because competitiveness that has cost compared to other countries,the advantages in geographical location and expertise of its workforce.

FDI in 2012 reached a value of $ 185 million,reaching a cumulative value of 22, 400 million over the period 2002-2012.

It is considered that the attraction of foreign investment in the sector is growing in Mexico,by the increase in consumption,health trends and production capabilities of a wide variety of foods.

Strengths of the country in these industries

Skilled workforce

According to estimates of CONACyT,on 2012 111 400 graduate students in engineering and technology.

There are partnerships between industry and the academy in Mexico,which allow continually incorporate new technologies in food production chain.

In Mexico there are almost 20 thousand higher education students enrolled in Agroindustrial Engineering and Food Technology.

Competitive costs

According to the study 2011 U.S. Manufacturing-Outsourcing Index of Alix Partners,Mexico is the most competitive country in manufacturing costs,which are about 21% lower than in the U.S.,11% lower than China and 3% lower costs in India.

In the food processing industry,our country offers 14.1% savings in manufacturing costs on the United States.

Geographic location

The country has access to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans,and is intermediate in the North and South American markets,where growth is potencializando.

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