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05 MARCH 2013

Beans, peas, Brussels sprouts, artichokes ... are some of the products 'star' of the four recipes that today I propose

Whenever we refer to frozen products we like to influence the same: when the freezing process takes place in optimal conditions, the nutritional properties of food does not have to be depleted compared to its fresh state. null

In addition, frozen as an alternative are very comfortable for the consumer: the longer life of these products makes it not necessary to go to the market every day, even we can enjoy some food outside their optimum season. Not forgetting that normally are cleaned, peeled, cut ... which is a major time saver in the kitchen.

Today we want to offer different recipes with frozen products as main ingredients. Specifically, we will focus on the world of vegetables. The result: four tasteful suggestions, healthy and very easy to prepare:


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2006-03-13 06:38:32 by stockmykitchen

Food Staple ideas for pantry

I am looking for ideas to stock my kitchen,
and pantry.
I would like healthy, easy, convenient foods.
Here are some I thought of:
canned chillie
canned beans (all kinds)
brown rice (45 minutes to cook)
Frozen veggies
Frozen fruts
I also get fresh fruit, but just in small amounts.

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Tyson aims for the center of the plate: stuffed chops, seasoned meats and other fresh ideas result from a freshly formed product development team.: An article from: Food Processing
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