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Freezing is an efficient preservation of foods, depriving them until the heat reaches the proper temperature therein. To provide such conditions of temperature and deserving the designation of the freezer, the freezer should operate to -18 degrees Celsius at least. Once frozen, the food becomes rigid. At this stage, the development of micro-organisms and the consequent deterioration process is drastically slowed. The freezing does not alter the natural foods or already prepared, preserving its flavor, color and nutritional properties since they undergo the same in good condition and according to the recommended techniques.

The advantages of freezing are numerous and show up as the user becomes familiar with the freezer:

COMFORT - Using the freezer, the daily task of cooking becomes obsolete - in 1 or 2 days is possible to prepare a menu for weeks, the morning coffee to full meals. - The grocery shopping and other suppliers become much less frequent. - The abuses common to the days of parties and reception are eliminated through the advance preparation of pastries, snacks etc.. - Do not cause unexpected visits tribulations when it comes to serving a snack or meal.

ECONOMY - Cooking larger quantities of food is another advantage of the basic freezing, resulting in lower consumption of gas - for example, three kilograms of meat cooking virtually the same cook time than one pound. - Storing up food purchased at wholesale prices lower during the growing seasons or special promotions. - The waste is virtually eliminated because the food portions are frozen and removed from the freezer on the right amount for every occasion.

HEALTH - Early preparation of an extensive menu enables the daily variation of dishes, facilitating the balancing of power. - It is possible to consume vegetables, fruits and other foods out of your harvest season, with flavor and nutritional properties unchanged.


I - INITIAL PROCEDURES To put the freezer in operation, follow the "Installation and connection instructions" contained in INSTRUCTION MANUAL FREEZER. Leave it on for five hours, completely empty, with the door closed, before storing the first load of food. Read the manual to the end before preparing the first load of food, see him always to acquire practice. If possible, take a course of freezing - how much more is known about the freezer, you get more benefits with its use.

II - BASIC TECHNIQUES OF FREEZING All food to be frozen should be fresh, clean and good quality. Freezing should be arranged soon after the purchase of the products. Foods that are frozen ready to be lightly seasoned and cooked just the minimum time required - freezing tends to accentuate the spices and soften food. Quickly cool foods after cooking or boiling is essential for the maintenance of their properties. To prevent loss of moisture from the food, it is essential that they are packed with water-proof material; during packaging, packaged foods have to remain in the refrigerator until everyone can be placed at once in the freezer. Foods should only be removed from the freezer immediately before use, and can be consumed within 24 hours after thawing (seafood up to 12 hours). Once thawed, food can not return to the freezer, except in the case of a raw product that will be turned into finished dish.

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2006-02-20 20:53:36 by Voltaire

Food Trade offs. Bay Area vs. Gulf Coast?

Any experiences with this scenario? I generally love the seasonal foods we get in the Bay Area and find that it easy to eat local fresh produce and game here and be satisfied no matter what the season. What does one lose and gain in other areas? Worth the trade? I am aware that frozen and food transport means anything is virtually available anywhere. But I want to stick to local and seasonal as much as possible. Any experiences as to the trade offs of relocation?

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