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Freezing Prepared Foods - Can This Be Frozen?

The rising costs of a household employee has boosted the demand for frozen food, according to entrepreneurs. Companies like delicacies and Etc, Campinas (93 km northwest of Sao Paulo) and Deep Freeze, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), as record high of 16% to 33% in sales.

The new legislation, originally from PEC of domestic (constitutional amendment), expanded the rights of these workers and reduced working hours, leaving their most expensive signing.

"The frozen food is a practical solution for those who do not know or do not have time to cook. On 15 minutes maximum, the meal is ready, " says Luiz Eduardo Garden, 48, a member of Deep Freeze.

The company's sales rose 33% in the last four months. During this period, the average number of requests rose from 30 thousand to 40 thousand per month. The company's revenue also recorded a high of 20%. Currently, a Deep Freeze sells R $ 450 thousand per month.

Garden invested over £ 180, 000 in business to be able to withstand the increase in applications. He bought an oven, a freezer and a vehicle to make home deliveries, service responsible for half of the company's sales.

The other half of the revenue, according to the businessman, comes from the trade in which has six stores in the state capital. On the menu there are 350 kinds of dishes, ranging from white rice to grilled salmon with herbs. Prices range from $ 6 to R $ 34.

"Unlike the supermarkets, we work with home cooking and not just pasta and industrial products. The customer has more options to vary the menu, " he says.

Another company, tidbits and Etc, recorded a 16% increase in sales over the past four months, according to the businessman, Philip Fernandes, 27. Applications jumped from 4, 300 to 5, 000 meals per month.

The turnover of the business also recorded a high of 15%. Per month, the company earned U.S. $ 85 000.

According to him, the average price of frozen meal per person is U.S. $ 20. Fernandes said that despite the frozen food to be a little more expensive, it is healthier than fast food (fast food), so like many consumers.

"The frozen food has less salt and fried food than a fast food diner, and have dishes with vegetables and light options. Through this, we want to win a share of the population is concerned about healthy eating habits, " he says.

The tidbits and Etc has 250 options of dishes on the menu.

Segment is promising

For the chairman of the Prove-FIA (Retail Management Program of the Institute of Directors), Claudio Felisoni Angelo, the new rules of domestic workers accelerated the expansion of a segment that was already growing.

According to the expert, the new law brought an additional cost to families to keep a household employee. As an alternative to balance the household budget, these people are reducing the workload and responsibilities of this professional, says Angelo.

"Without a home for cooking, some people turn to food frozen for convenience and the relatively low cost, " he says.

Angelo also says that in capitals and medium-sized cities, many people suffer from a lack of time to cook. Therefore, the market is promising for new companies.

"In large urban centers, people lose a lot of time in transit, which does not happen in small towns, where the distance between home and work is less, " he says.

Food handling requires care and authorizations

According to the consultant Sebrae-MS (Brazilian Service of Support for Micro and Small Enterprise of Mato Grosso do Sul) Renato Junior Finotti, the preparation of frozen foods need to follow a lot of care.

2007-01-03 18:15:05 by Kelbot

This is the antithesis of cooking.

I only buy these when on sale, so I don't get too lazy and eat them all the time.
Just heat up the oven, wash the dishes to kill some time, and ta-da!
One of the few frozen snacks I recommend, especially with BBQ sauce or honey mustard.
So this is less for cooking a vegetarian meal, and more for tiding you over till you cook that vegetarian meal. Tonight, they simply justify my beer.
FWIW, my omni guy approves them as football food, and they are not nearly as messy as chicken buffalo wings

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