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A Satellite Tour Of Former US Auto Plants That Are Leading Second


  • Editorial office of "Studies in Architecture" magazine.


  • Collaboration in the staging of VIII exhibition at the Triennale in Milan.


  • Member of the board commitee of "monographic studies of architecture" collection.


  • Collaboration in the ninth staging of exhibition at the Triennale in Milan.


  • Direction of "Position of architecture" short film by Alfonso Gatto texts, music by Riccardo Malipiero.
  • Bignardi apartment. Milan.
  • Wooden table with folding corners.


  • Competition for town planning scheme Cervia, Milano Marittima and Ravenna. [*]
  • Pozzoli-Romanelli vault. Belluno.
  • Mass-produced supplies in curved plywood.


  • Technical advise to some glass industries Ohio and Indiana (United States).
  • Professional study in a Corn Crib. Perrysburg. Ohio.
  • Internal fitting of an airplane for an American company.


  • Skyscraper. Via Cantore. Genoa (with B. Morassutti). [*]
  • That Steel structure can be dismantled for a depot. Padua (with B. and G. Morassutti).
  • Series of modular furniture "Multiuse" (with B. Morassutti).
  • Series of embedded furniture "Stand" (with B. Morassutti).
  • "Secticon" watches. La Chaux de Fonds. Switzerland (with B. Morassutti).
  • Box for frozen food.
  • Chewing gum dispenser.


  • Mater Misericordiae church. Baranzate, Milan (with B. Morassutti).
  • House. San Martino di Castrozza, Trento (with B. Morassutti).
  • Linked houses. San Martino di Castrozza, Trento (with B. Morassutti).
  • Leader of the INA group home for Feltre quarter in Milan and Ferrara for the provinces.
  • Interioris of Club 44. La Chaux de Fonds. Switzerland (with B. Morassutti).
  • Manzoni apartment. Milan (with B. Morassutti).
  • Clinic with nursery. Udine [*]
  • Series of sewing machines (with B. Morassutti).


  • Residential building. Via Fezzan. Milan (with B. Morassutti).
  • Depot for ferrous materials. Padua (with A. and B. Morassutti Favini).
  • Control machine for "Vibrograf" watches.


  • Residential building. Via Gavirate. Milan (with B. Morassutti).
  • Internal renovation of Villa Schwob (Le Corbusier). La Chaux de Fonds. Switzerland (with B. Morassutti).
  • "59" chair, first version.
  • Tables with bronze support, first version
  • Electric engine [*]
  • Optical equipment [*]
[*] = Unrealized projects


  • Residential building. Via Quadronno. Milan (with B. Morassutti)
  • Sports Building at the Fiera del Mare. Genoa - competition, project classed second (with A. and B. Morassutti Favini) [*]
  • Outboard motor [*]
  • Cutlery (with B. Morassutti) [*]


  • Advice for Alfa Romeo
  • Residential complex for managers. Piombino [*]
  • Industrial building. Corsico, Milan [*]
  • Watertank in roman countryside (with A. Favini) [*]
  • Tunnel for verification of aerodynamic penetration coefficient of cars [*]
  • Studies for cars to be made for parts [*]
  • Watches series
  • Fridges series [*]


  • Siag plant with lodgings and social services. Marcianise, Caserta
  • Splugen Brau Depot and office building. Mestre, Venice
  • Entrance cantilever roof for Alfa Romeo plant. Arese, Milan [*]
  • Lamp with a diffusor made by massive Perspex
  • Vase series made by fused and turned bronze


  • Exhibition pavilion for the Fiera del Mare. Genoa
  • Structure with squared module and plate roof. Arrigoni plant. Cesena [*]
  • Monocoque body armchair foam polystyrene [*]


  • Constructive FM system. Elmag plant. Liss, Milan
  • Prefabricated houses and schools made by steel structure [*]
  • Vase series made by Vicenza earth
  • Second series of "Multiuse" modular furniture with aluminum profiles
  • Industrial sewing machine [*]


  • "The house inhabited" exhibition. Florence
  • Prefabricated houses in galvanized steel sheets
  • Ises Quarter. Secondigliano, Naples - competition [*]
  • Tower megastructure for a policenter [*]
  • Steel overpass. Piazza Repubblica. Milan [*]
  • Structure with squared module with circular ribs. Yardleys plant [*]
  • "Secticon" watch with a steel tube body
  • Tables with central turned support made by bronze
  • Tables with central support made by stone and a metal cross-shaped support
  • Series of armchairs polystyrene foam [*]


  • Plants for the construction of Casaluci furniture. Rovellasca, Como
  • Casaluci supplies shop. Milan
  • Wooden structure [*]
  • Constructive system for "Modulaire" residential building [*]
  • "Sappho" lamp blown glass made by
  • "Lesbos" lamp blown glass made by
  • Fiber glass armchairs
  • "Junior" and "Senior" embedded multilayer wood furniture made by
  • Curved plywood armchair
  • "4D" supplies with solid wood elements angular
  • Table made by solid wood firs reassembled and then turned
  • Portable television
  • Radio devices [*]
  • Series of modular furniture [*]


  • "Cub8" system for walls team
  • Blown glass lamps
  • Turned marble vases
  • Modular armchairs with cushions made by elements in self-skining integral polyurethane
  • "V + V" glass hooks for lighting That can be dismantled
  • "Knossos" plastic modular lamp for roof
  • Armchair and sofa made by plastic reinforced by fiber glass


  • Armitalia Office building and plant. Cinisello Balsamo, Milan
  • FM Constructive System. Fiat car distributor. Domegliara, Verona
  • Villa Fontanesi. Marina di Pietrasanta, Lucca
  • Villa Bianchi. Piadena, Cremona
  • Exhibition pavilion at the XIV Triennale di Milano [*]
  • Prefabricated structure in prestressed concrete for a ceramic plant [*]
  • Series blown glass vase made by
  • Series of objects made by vitreous china
  • "In-Out" interwall system made by extruding chloride polyvynil
  • Blown glass vases with high thickness
  • Terracotta vase modular


  • "U70" constructive system. Lema plant. Alzate Brianza, Como
  • Renovation of a furniture showroom. Corsico, Milan
  • Armchairs and chairs made by polyurethane integral self-skining
  • "S9" series of modular furniture
  • Turned marble table with a central support
  • Polycarbonate vases
  • Table with a wooden surface and a vitreous-china central support
[*] = Unrealized projects

Importers, distributors and producers greet New Year with guarded optimism; plummeting dollar made 2004 a buyer's market and kept check on prices of ... from: Quick Frozen Foods International
Book (E.W. Williams Publications, Inc.)
2009-02-09 06:11:55 by Squirine_Berg

I have a good business story to tell -

For the better part of 10 years I was an electrical maintenance tech in America's largest privately held food manufacturing companies - Schwans Sales Enterprises. Schwans manufactures and home delivers high end frozen foods and Ice Cream.
With no formal education ever - Marvin Schwans started with a single truck making and selling his homemade ice cream in 1932. For 60 years Schwans grew to become a leading innovator and developer of mass produced frozen food - acquiring many brand names along the way - like Tony's Pizza, Red Barron Pizza,and Fresahetta Pizza - Mihn Chinese foods, etc

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