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Prot. 6342/15.3

2013. The Chamber of Commerce IAA in Vercelli, promotes participation in the FOOD PRODUCTS WORKSHOP to be held in London on 21 November 2013.

The event will allow you to get in touch with importers, buyers and distributors of the British market, which has seen growing interest in the Made in Italy food and is currently the fourth largest market for the Italian agri-food exports after the United States, France and Germany.

The investment is part of the Piedmont Integrated Industrial Sector Project (PIF) Piedmont Food Excellence - managed by Piemonte Agency on behalf of the Piedmont Region and the Chambers of Commerce of Cuneo, Alessandria, Asti, Biella, Novara, Turin, Verbania and Vercelli.

The event is organized by ICE - Agency for the promotion abroad and the internationalization of Italian firms.

Companies adhering to the PIF benefit from a reduced rate of € 750 + VAT. For the other is the full cost of € 1, 500.00 + VAT.

The workshop will include meetings to be held at the Dorchester Hotel in London (Park Lane W1K1QA) and will be open to the entire basket agribusiness companies except for the segment of frozen and dell'ortofrutta.

The participating companies will be made available equipped with a table cloth, a knight with company name, plates, cutlery, plastic cups, napkins and bread.
Interpreters for non-exclusive use will take turns in providing assistance to companies requiring such services. Any dedicated interpreters may be requested for a fee, ICE office in London.

For information on how to participate and for more information about the event, please see the following link:

2013 Deadline accessions: 29 July 2013

CAUTION: Acceptances must also be sent for information to the Chamber of Commerce of Vercelli by fax to: 0161 598.241 or by e-mail at:

Foreign Centre for Internationalisation - Gabriella Diverio - Francesca Bernardelli - Gisella Telesca - Alessandro Cesca
6700.622/523/509/661 Tel 011 6965456 Fax 011 E-mail:

We remain at your disposal for further information.
Chamber of Commerce IAA in Vercelli
ATM for Internationalization - Elena Baldin - Cristina Popa - tel. 598.303/242 0161 - 0161 598.265/241 fax - e-mail:

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Importers, distributors and producers greet New Year with guarded optimism; plummeting dollar made 2004 a buyer's market and kept check on prices of ... from: Quick Frozen Foods International
Book (E.W. Williams Publications, Inc.)
2009-02-09 06:11:55 by Squirine_Berg

I have a good business story to tell -

For the better part of 10 years I was an electrical maintenance tech in America's largest privately held food manufacturing companies - Schwans Sales Enterprises. Schwans manufactures and home delivers high end frozen foods and Ice Cream.
With no formal education ever - Marvin Schwans started with a single truck making and selling his homemade ice cream in 1932. For 60 years Schwans grew to become a leading innovator and developer of mass produced frozen food - acquiring many brand names along the way - like Tony's Pizza, Red Barron Pizza,and Fresahetta Pizza - Mihn Chinese foods, etc

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