Frozen Foods Distributors in Georgia

Food Bank of Northeast Georgia

Fresh Frozen Foods is a family company run by members of the same. Founded in Jefferson, Georgia in 1975 by Mr. Billy Griffin. Started dispatching the best vegetables and the best fruits in transparent plastic bags to local businesses. These clear bags allowed our customers to see what they were buying and they have become our logo. Our idea: keep the label simple, show the consumer the product, and the quality of our fruits and vegetables are sold by themselves. As the company was growing, Fresh Frozen was interacting with suppliers who consistently year after year have provided the best quality products.

With a selection of over 40 different vegetables, fruits and frozen biscuits, our range of products make a great visual display. We ship our vegetables, fruits and biscuits to supermarkets throughout the southeastern United States and Caribbean Islands.

With a selection of over 60 different frozen vegetables, fruit, and biscuits our product range are visually excellent. We ship our vegetables, fruits and biscuits to outlets throughout the U.S. and southeast of the islands of the Caribbean. With an extensive list of offers we are equipped to meet any food service and industrial needs and retail invention.

Fresh Frozen Foods is a full service processor and provider of more than 60 varieties of fruits and vegetables IQF. Our processing plant is located in Thomasville, Georgia and allows us to serve industrial customers or food services throughout the U.S. with bulk product packages in an efficient manner. Some of the products processed in bulk package include celery, carrots, squash, zucchini, and many varieties of peas surenos. We also have the ability to package the product in a variety of sizes of plastic bags in our company in Jefferson, Georgia. The industrial division is dedicated to providing sales service and highest quality product to our customers. The excellent geographical location of our processing plant allows two stations mantenar plant production for many vegetables available throughout the year. For more information please email Lisa Whisnant - Lisa.Whisnant @ .

Importers, distributors and producers greet New Year with guarded optimism; plummeting dollar made 2004 a buyer's market and kept check on prices of ... from: Quick Frozen Foods International
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2009-02-09 06:11:55 by Squirine_Berg

I have a good business story to tell -

For the better part of 10 years I was an electrical maintenance tech in America's largest privately held food manufacturing companies - Schwans Sales Enterprises. Schwans manufactures and home delivers high end frozen foods and Ice Cream.
With no formal education ever - Marvin Schwans started with a single truck making and selling his homemade ice cream in 1932. For 60 years Schwans grew to become a leading innovator and developer of mass produced frozen food - acquiring many brand names along the way - like Tony's Pizza, Red Barron Pizza,and Fresahetta Pizza - Mihn Chinese foods, etc

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