Are frozen vegetables cheaper

A stew made with frozen and very cheap, these amounts have eaten seven people.

As you see in the picture or are dry, not missing anything or if you fancy other ingredient, such as Brussels sprouts is a matter of adding ...

An easy, simple, just requires a little time but the result is worth the time spent.

These are times of crisis and need to sharpen the wits to keep eating healthy and varied.

This is my proposal:

INGREDIENTS: I put in that I bought supermarket frozen vegetables

  • 4 large onions, cut into pieces medium.
  • 4 or 5 cloves garlic, games a little in the middle.
  • A supreme stew bag, 750g, supermarket Lidl.
  • Half a bag of beans fine, Mercadona.
  • Broad beans 250g frozen Lidl brand.
  • Salt and pepper.
  • A bouillon cube.
  • A splash of white wine.
  • A little water.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.

In the photos it becomes clear step by step.

Chop the onions into pieces not too small, as we want to be noticed at the end.

We leave the garlic cloves in half but not all, seem to many, but only going to give flavor and is a large amount of vegetables.

We take a two or three tablespoons of oil in the pan and start frying the onions and garlic.

When they are fried a little aside.

The beans and flat beans put them in a bowl with a little water, introduce it in the microwave and left about eight minutes to 800W, and will be more tender.

We separate the onion on a plate, leaving the garlic in the pan and fry the beans and beans a few minutes spreading them even when they are.

Then in the same pan toss the bag frozen mixed vegetables, thawed needless.

The left is made by adding salt and pepper as well.

When halfway through cooking this we add the vegetables and stir-fry and mix.

Put the white wine and about two fingers of a glass of water.

Desmenuzamos the stock cube over the vegetables.

We give a return to all and cover allowing flavors to blend and the broth has evaporated but to cook the vegetables.

Gotta try a while and if they are still tender we want to add a little more wine and water.

As you see it is very simple and cheap, you just need a little time.

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2007-12-13 08:34:39 by AnonRegofDeath

Frozen vegetables are great.

In my freezer, I nearly always have: a good bag of mixed veggies (I like the trader joe's harvest hodge-podge, and the supermarket "stir fry vegetable mix"), a big bag of chopped spinach, a big bag of either cauliflower or broccoli, and a bag of frozen chopped peppers.
Frozen veggies heat up great in a skillet with a little bit water (and spices!) in the bottom- quicker than steaming and more precise than microwaving- you won't overcook them this way.
I also love frozen berries, which are cheaper than fresh and a real treat.
Bananas and apples each keep for about a week out of the fridge, and are cheap enough and quick enough to always have on hand

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