Are frozen vegetables good as fresh

radish (Reporters) Frozen vegetables, a good alternative to fresh Frozen vegetables do not always have a good reputation. And yet they have many micro-nutrients than fresh.

According to the Flemish bimonthly dedicated to vegetable growers Proeftuinnieuws, Belgium is the leading supplier of frozen vegetables in Europe. Nevertheless, the domestic market remains modest. According to the magazine, a Belgian consumes 3.7 pounds per year of frozen vegetables. But to have a balanced diet, is not it better to eat vegetables? Not so sure ...

Professor Yves Larondelle at UCL told the Belga news agency that "the vast majority of the nutritional composition of frozen vegetables is maintained if the freezing was done correctly." "There is one or the other vitamin that can reduce" admits Professor Larondelle, but in all processed products provide good preservation of levels of micronutrients. "

For those who do not have the time to clean and prepare fresh vegetables, frozen are a good alternative. And are sometimes even more commendable that the fees. In the latter, the nutritional content begins to deteriorate from the moment they are picked - and we know how our vegetables have traveled before landing in supermarkets! In contrast, frozen is frozen fresh, usually a few hours after harvesting, thereby preserving their nutritional quality.

One thing is certain, whether fresh or frozen vegetables should be included in our daily diet. They are indeed rich in essential nutrients: vitamins, minerals and fiber. According to Professor Larondelle, "the ideal is to focus on vegetables when they are in season and opt for frozen vegetables are desired when the off-season."


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2007-12-13 08:34:39 by AnonRegofDeath

Frozen vegetables are great.

In my freezer, I nearly always have: a good bag of mixed veggies (I like the trader joe's harvest hodge-podge, and the supermarket "stir fry vegetable mix"), a big bag of chopped spinach, a big bag of either cauliflower or broccoli, and a bag of frozen chopped peppers.
Frozen veggies heat up great in a skillet with a little bit water (and spices!) in the bottom- quicker than steaming and more precise than microwaving- you won't overcook them this way.
I also love frozen berries, which are cheaper than fresh and a real treat.
Bananas and apples each keep for about a week out of the fridge, and are cheap enough and quick enough to always have on hand

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