Are frozen vegetables raw

The freezing process are known to change very little nutritional value of foods. However, it is true that cooking and preparing canned can alter certain nutrients. But conversely, in some cases, these methods can lead to major changes in the direction of improving the bioavailability of certain bioactive compounds: this is particularly the case of tomatoes and carrots.

Moreover, when fruits and vegetables are cooked, we eat more in quantity than when raw.

As for fresh produce, they quickly lose their nutrients during transport and storage. Vitamins in particular are very sensitive to heat and light.

In the end, all modes of consumption have their advantages and disadvantages. In terms of fruits and vegetables, it is important to consume in every way and as varied as possible.

According to a recent study, consuming 465 g of fruits and vegetables per day, equivalent to 7-8 servings per day, can reduce by 34% the risk of cardiovascular disease. This result does not vary with the form of fruits and vegetables consumed. They are preferentially consumed raw or cooked, fresh or canned, etc..

In conclusion, it is the quantity that counts more than the form. It's worth to eat more fruits and vegetables for their health, and to vary little then any mode of preparation.

And if pesticides that accumulate in the skin, even where the vitamins, they also focus on the talking? The answer to this question is easier than it seems: peel the least possible, and prefer the organic versions of fruits and vegetables you can eat the skin. For example, eat organic tomatoes and strawberries, but oranges and hazelnuts non-organic.

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Source: Oude Griep LM, et al, PLoS One.. 2010 Oct 25.Source picture:

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2010-12-30 08:48:20 by d-Artist

Hello!! I spoke of vegetables, not fruit

Fruit in the USA is
a) awful
b) expensive
c) ripened by science not nature
d) fattening (reference point c.)
e) faux polish, (chemicals again)
f) labels with glue on fruit (chemicals again)
g) potentially deadly (see above list)
h) fruit could be called junk food
I stand by my statement that vegetables - raw, un-canned, un-frozen, un-imported - are indeed, less costly that junk food

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