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Food Hygiene


1. Intro

2. Specifications of food security

2.1 Transportation

2.2 Meat

2.3 Fish

2.4 Eggs

2.5 Dairy

2.6 Vegetables

2.7 Dietary fats

2.8 Salt and other foodstuffs

Introdução 1. Intro

The quality hygiene and health of a meal depends largely on the care that they have with food during transportation, storage, preservation, preparation and distribution to the consumer.

Raw materials and ingredients can get to the food drive in different states (solid, liquid, powder, grain, pasta, etc..) From various suppliers to these conditions, the product may present, combine with different processing modes, so you need to select qualified vendors and security, which offer guarantees that their product is reliable.

The quality of the final product (meals) is influenced by the quality of raw materials purchased, this involves the need for assessment and classification of vendors for future selection. In catering establishments must be assured that when purchasing a raw material and / or a food you get in reality what is intended.

Risks that catering establishments run not satisfy their customers, increase the occurrence of any failure on the product purchased. So if you work with suppliers who do not have confidence, the likelihood of situations that endanger the safety of food and consequently the health of the consumer increases.

Suppliers must be continually evaluated based on issues or parameters that define trust as:

The products supplied meet the predefined requirements?

The agreed delivery time is usually fulfilled?

  • It is certified?

  • Have a quality system?

  • The price and payment terms are more favorable to the organization?

    Defends itself so that the acquisition of any product should always be accompanied by a quality certificate for the lots received. This certificate shall contain or attach a report with the results of physico-chemical, microbiological or organoleptic, necessary for the proper characterization of the product.

    In the purchase of frozen products is required:

    Check the thermometer of the exhibitor, who must score at or below -18 ° C;

    Do not buy packages that are above the load line of the exhibitor;

    Do not pick or accept packages of ice formation on the outside;

    Or choose not to accept packages that have ice flakes inside, since it can mean that the product had temperature changes;

    Check the integrity of the pack not being open, stained, etc..;

    Check that the package contains:

  • Name of product;

  • Date of minimum durability;

    Temperature should be maintained;

  • Weight;

  • Mention frozen;

  • First decide on the product and then take it off or ask to withdraw from the cold;

    Acquire frozen only after you have made ​​all purchases;

    Carry these products in thermal bags;

    Place in the freezer so they reach the destination.

    The goods on arrival at the establishment must be examined. Who is responsible for receipt of the goods (food or not) should habitually check the quantities and characteristics of the products delivered with note order.

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    Job Worry for Parents, Poorer Nutrition for Kids

    Study found family meals suffered as work pressures increased
    'The more work-related stress parents experience, the more likely their children are to eat unhealthy meals.'
    'Katherine Bauer and her colleagues used data from a study of more than 3,700 parents of teens living in a Midwestern metropolitan area. Only 64% of fathers and 46% of mothers were employed full time.'
    'Those mothers employed full time had fewer meals as a family, served more fast-food meals and encouraged their teens to eat healthy less often, the researchers found. They had lower fruit and vegetable intake and spent less time on food preparation than moms who worked part time or who were not...

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