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cover The transition vegan food (from omnivores to vegetarians and vegans) To become vegans there are various ways: you can follow a policy of small steps, gradually decreasing the consumption of meat and fish, until you get to zero, and then decrease the consumption of milk and eggs until completely eliminate them. Or, you can become vegetarian overnight, and, after a time, become vegans. Or, again, you can become vegan all at once.

The choice depends on the character of each one: there are those who find it easier to go through periods of transition, and who is better to completely stop all of a sudden.cover This second solution is in a sense easier, because more controllable: you do not have to stand there and think "how much meat I eat today?" if you take it out right away altogether. And then, of course, before you become vegan, the better for the animals :-)

We believe that the crucial point is the decision to stop eating animals. Once decided, it will only change habits, nothing dramatic. But if we have not really decided, in our hearts, to follow this path, we will find a thousand difficulties, and excuse me.cover

Do not console yourself with the false hope that there may be farms "more human" and less harmful to the environment: as long as the animal is bought and sold as a commodity, will never be respected. The huge demand for meat, always on the rise, means that the number of animals raised must necessarily be equally huge.cover The only way to significantly reduce the damage, it would consume meat so really drinker, a small portion 2-3 times per month, but, at that point, might as well give up altogether, thus eliminating completely, the problems caused by the farms , rather than just reduce a little damage.

But let's look a bit 'of "practical advice" to make more' easy transition!

1. Start with the "veganizzare" what I already 'eat

For example, as a sauce for spaghetti and not use the tomato ragu ', in soups do not put pieces of bacon, just put in salads vegetables, seeds, nuts, and not pieces of ham and cheese. In the dishes that normally there is' the flesh, like lasagna with ragu ', this can' be replaced by similar-based seitan or soy (see the box "Do you know new foods" ), to make the sauce you can ' use soy milk and margarine (butter or soy) and the rest of the recipe remains identical. In place of the ricotta in pies you can 'use tofu, which can' also be used in salads, diced rice and pasta, instead of parmesan cheese on pasta you can 'use the yummy yeast flakes.

If you make pizza at home, or even if you eat out, just avoid putting the mozzarella and garnish with all possible titpi vegetables, mushrooms, artichokes, etc..

There are many tricks very easy to use, that allow you to eat what they already 'you're used to eating, but with slight variations!

2. Search the stores for what you can buy

Looks good in the supermarket "normal" to understand what you can buy one that is suited to your new lifestyle. All vegetables, fruit, pasta (except the egg), the cereal grains (rice, barley, etc.)., Crackers, nuts, going well, many ready-made soups or frozen dinners are already ' vegan, you just have to be patient and read the ingredients the first few times! Some supermarket chains have also a department where they sell tofu and seitan, try to check! And in many cases is in the frozen food ice cream of rice or soy milk.

cover cover Vegan sausages and mashed © Vegan Chocolate Cake

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Healthier vegetables in AK

There's no problem getting healthy plant-based foods in AK - you have variety of wonderful local produce in the summer (I assume some organic options, including from your own gardens), seaweeds such as kelp, and tons of wild berries that can be frozen or canned for the winters. You can also choose produce that is flown in from the Northwest instead of New Zealand or Hawaii. Staples of healthy vegetarian diets are beans and rice, which are cheap (even if organic) and accessible year-round.
True, wild salmon is healthier than most fish - but it's still loaded with cholesterol and animal protein which is strongly linked to many cancers

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