Whole Foods 365 frozen vegetables

Berry Peach Pie with Everyday 365

Information and general reflections We in the United States. We must therefore pay attention to the excess salt and sugar. Very soon you will realize that many things here are more sweet and savory in Europe. Especially the bread in general, prepared food, yogurt.
We must therefore be wary of this if you do not want to take 15 kg in one year!
Pay attention also to the High Fructose corn syrup, used in many things instead of normal sugar. Sugar in excess is bad for health, HFCS is even worse!
Finally, the non-organic meat is full of hormones and antibiotics. Not really knowing if it's dangerous or not, the European Union has banned it outright. En général, ici, vous n'arriverez pas à faire toutes vos courses alimentaires dans un seul magasin. Here in doubt, eat it! So buy organic meat or inima "natural" (without warranty hormone, antibiotic-free, vegetarian-fed) fortunately we found .... In general, here you n 'not come to all your groceries in one store. All know ....

Some shops to know and focus

Costco Prix très intéressants. department store with food quality in large quantities, choice a bit limited, but also electrical appliances, tv, gps etc .... very interesting price. Membership card to buy the first time. A tip: try to go once with someone who has a membership card to get an idea. Also interesting to equip GPS, computers, etc. . when you arrive. Good bread, good fruit and vegetables. Good meat and fish. Tb for large families but does not find any.

Trader Joe's
Store very interesting, low prices, many organic, no high fructose corn syrup, many products to European: very good yogurt and Europe which is rare here (take the big red pots, plain yogurt, european style ), good cooked baguettes, pain au chocolat and croissants frozen excellent.
Excellent pie frozen raspberries.
Unfortunately, some products are just the Christmas period: good frozen puff pastry, cheese fondue, ....
Good fruit, good vegetables, good bread.

Shop Rite White Plains and Scarsdale Great American supermarket, great choice. Good fruit and vegetables, bread ok. There is cheap lobster at all, they will cook in the steam while you shop! Walnut st Jacques cheap and good.

Whole Foods in White Plains Bio expensive in general but interesting. Go for a walk, to get an idea. Very good fruit and vegetables. Good meat and fish. Good bread.
They gouda cheese slices, they call it "Van Gogh".

Mrs. Green in Scarsdale
Bio, quite expensive but fruits and vegetables of very good quality: good complement to Trader Joe's for products that are not in the latter. Wide range of organic food products and naturopathic nutrition. Radius homepoathie Boiron, nostalgic for the Tilt, essential oils etc.

Will vegetarian frozen food in UK take marketers down garden path? (News From Europe): An article from: Quick Frozen Foods International
Book (E.W. Williams Publications, Inc.)
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Nestle to buy McCartney Frozen Foods

Devotees of ethical consumerism were dismayed when The Body Shop was sold last month to a company part-owned by Nestlé.
They may now have further food for thought following reports that the company set up by the vegetarian trailblazer Linda McCartney is also about to be swallowed up by the Swiss food giant, which is named today among a top 10 of "unethical" multinational companies.

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15), Save-A-Lot (No. 20), Kroger (parent company of Ralphs and Food 4 Less — No. 36), Whole Foods (No. 44), Safeway (Vons' parent — No. 51) and Albertsons (No. 56) ranked among the top 60 companies in a Temkin Group survey released last week.

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