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How long does a food? Is it bad if the expiration date has expired? And how do you know without this information, whether the food is still edible, for example, if the label is missing? How long do yourself pickled or frozen foods? DasKochrezept reveals the basics of the shelf life of foods and gives tips on proper storage.

Shelf life of foods: Info & Tips

The expiration date

The most important information for packaged foods is the shelf life expiration date (SLED). Up to this date, the food is fine in odor, taste, nutritional value and color. Prerequisite: It has been stored correctly and have not yet opened.Minced meat After this point in time it is not the same spoiled, thus it is called "Best before ..." and may also be sold commercially (usually at a lower price). Note to all cases instructions on the package, how to store the food, for example "cool and dry". If the food has spoiled in spite of his properly stored and within the best-before dates, then you can return it to the dealer and complain.

Rule 1: If the MHD started, the food you can still eat. Prerequisite: It smells good, looks normal and still taste.

Quickly consume ground beef

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The use by date

On perishable foods, such as ground beef, the use by date on the package instead of the MHD. This date indicates the date until which the food should be consumed at the latest.Life-table If the date has expired, it can no longer be sold and eaten. From freezing, we recommend as well. Other foods that are easy to notice the bad and 'use by ... "wear: fresh fish, poultry meat, chopped meat, like sliced ​​and raw sausages.

Rule 2: If the use-by date has expired, you should not eat the food. Otherwise there is a risk of food poisoning.

Odor and taste test

Always rely on your nose and taste - even if the date has not expired. Does that sound strange appearance of the food before it is smelly or has a strange taste, then try to avoid it and throw it away.Fresh bread You should be especially careful when children or elderly people eat with, their immune system is not as stable as it is a healthy adult.

Rule 3: Always applies: Test the smell and the taste and rely on their own sense, even if the date which says otherwise.

You do it yourself jams and marmalade and do not know how long does preserves? And how long frozen meat and vegetables remain edible? Here is a table with approximate times the durability. Again, appearance, taste and smell check. Foods with large freezer burn throw away small places you can cut away.

Tables: longevity for frozen and canned foods

Can use up to two days

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Packaged foods are opened, they usually do not last longer as long as the MHD promises on the package. Here we give tips on proper storage and when you should rather stay away from the food.

For stability of opened packages

Store bread at room temperature

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Many foods such as meat, cheese, meat and bread you buy a fresh and they have no official dates. We give advice on keeping and tell you when you should not eat the food.

To the shelf life of fresh foods

Packaged pasta holds up to 1 year

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Pasta, flour, rice and Co. keep a long time. But the containing fats can become rancid and affect the food. And spices are also not last forever.


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