Are frozen vegetables Gluten Free celiachia e prodotti senza glutine

Celiac disease and food

Eliminate gluten from their diet is mandatory for us celiacs.
Of course,in our society is not easy,but with a little 'attention and with the right knowledge and tricks,eating gluten-free is possible and even fun for those who love to experiment and dabble Trai stove.

Gluten is a protein that is essential in our diet.Do not delete it then creates nutritional imbalances.Being present in many cereals,notoriously high in fiber,in case this is the thing to make here is therefore the need to eat legumes,fruits and vegetables to compensate for this lack of plant fibers.
Almost always someone who turns out to be celiac believes he has to give up all foods eaten until the time of diagnosis. Fortunately it is not.

Before we go on talking about the gluten,foods that are free of contamination and the handbook of food,we offer you an interesting movie in which Dr. Letizia Saturns, a specialist in Food Science from the Polytechnic University of Marche,there speaks of many aspects related to 'supply of celiac patients.
Dr. Saturns really clarifies many aspects related to celiac disease and diet,explaining what gluten is,where it is,what are the cereals for celiac prohibited and what is the risk of food contamination.
Also discusses issues related to lifestyle,the products available and the portion of taste gluten-free feeding.
His speech is also valuable because it provides practical advice for those who approach to gluten-free cooking,listing the most common mistakes to avoid and providing valuable guidance to our diet.
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The gluten-free diet

Foods naturally gluten-free

The following table lists the foods naturally gluten-free and those who in the process tend not to suffer the risk of inadvertent cross-contamination from gluten:

Cereals,flour and Tubers rice,corn,millet,buckwheat,potatoes,cassava,amaranth,sorghum,quinoa important sources of carbohydrates,vitamin B Attention to: soups,mixed cereals,tapioca,ready polenta,risotto ready,chips snacks,instant mashed Fruit,Vegetables and Legumes all kinds of fruit (fresh,dried,dried,canned).
All kinds of vegetables (fresh,frozen,deep-frozen,etc.) also preserved (oil,vinegar,salt etc).
All legumes: beans,peas,lentils,chickpeas,lupins,beans,soy

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