Brands of Frozen Vegetarian Foods

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Cereals,legumes,fruits and vegetables,which are the basic food vegan,can be found in any store,but the stores reported here are also products such as tofu,seitan,vegan frozen foods,ready meals,various types of vegetable milk,etc. .,that sometimes it is convenient to add to their power base.Only cosmetics and detergents

In addition to this,in these stores,if they are medium-large,they are also cruelty-free products for household cleaning and personal hygiene that adhere to the Standard "Not tested on animals."

We understand in this category is the small to medium sized shops that major supermarkets in the biological,individual,or belonging to a chain.

In stores reported here you can find products of companies that have joined the Standard "Not tested on animals."It is generally herbalists.

Obviously not all the brands sold in these stores are cruelty-free,so you need to choose,however,only just makes (see the list of brands cruelty-free ).Clothing

After having made the decision to become vegetarian or vegan,you need to pay attention to the labels not only when you go to the supermarket,but also when you go to buy a jacket or a pair of boots.What are the raw materials with which to pay particular attention to? Obviously the fur (even as they are "disguised" by inserts of fur on collar and cuffs of jackets),but also the skin,wool and silk.It's pretty easy to avoid all this,look a bit 'more problematic is only one of the shoes,then here are collected stores that sell vegan shoes (without skin),but also some other store that offers a particularly wide selection of other leaders "humane."

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