Frozen Foods Companies in WI

(C) Foxy Frozen Yogurt Muffins,cupcakes ,Bubbleteas ... the list of known hip food trends that have now made ​​it to Austria,can be continue for a while like that.For some time the Frozen Yogurt may also include it. Just 0.5 percent fat dairy products have the trendy organic yogurt and taste it at least as refreshing as conventional ice and are even healthy - unless you garnished it with high calorie toppings.These are so numerous that the creativity almost no limits.Fresh fruits,nuts,granola shortbread,Butterkaramel,Bitter Chocolate,Oreo crumbs or homemade brownie jelly beans through to almost everything is possible,which would bring the frozen yogurt fan for exultation.

Where can you find these goodies,we know!Kurt


(C) Foxy Frozen Yogurt

Very stylish,urban chic ice cream parlor.One could say that the classic Frozen Yogurt boards in Vienna almost.Especially the 50s flair confident and feels really nice to American.The frozen yogurt you get in three different sizes: Basic,Medium and Large.The toppings are to have 30 per cent.

Kurt Frozen Yogurt
1,12 Kruger Street
1,2 shoulder lane

(C) Kurt Frozen Yogurt

There are not only the classic Frozen Yogurt,no,here you can also get two other,at two-week intervals varying varieties.Of course,it is also here with Toppings Yogurt specialties in the categories fruity,liquid,soft and crunchy garnish and refine.

Yogurt Bar - Frozen Yogurt - Pure & Fresh
1,Opera Ring 3-5

Since vergangem year the opera ring has its Frozen Yogurt Store.Opposite the Opera House there is the small but perfectly fine for FroYo Affilionados paradise.Also tasty: The waffles with maple syrup.Absolute recommendation.

Zanoni & Zanoni
1,at 7 Lugeck
1,Am Graben
1,castle ring 1

Indeed,even traditional companies such as Zanoni can not escape the trend product.Although there are no Zanoni Frozen Yogurt to go,but it tastes in the glass!
Malu - Froyo 'n Shakes
1,Rotenturmstraße 22
Outposts: MQ Vienna

Malu Rotenturmstraße knows the impressive arguments of Froyo to further emphasize: there are Froyo with stevia,which makes the enjoyment even fewer calories.The little salon is inviting,exotic toppings and the service friendly.In summer Malu can also at MQ,next to the photo booth to visit.

Malu-start laina yritykselle ilmainen pikaluotto laina.

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