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As If Accustom The American Food

Some Brazilians say that one of the most difficult parts of adaptation in the United States and in relation to American food . But there are many ways to "get used" to the food here and and we'll talk about it in today's post.

Generally used up and a matter of choice when you are not cooking. There are several options of restaurants with varied prices as there are also many fast-food (that go from the hamburgers until Mexican food).

If you cook, the variety of ingredients that you find in supermarkets here and much higher than in Brazil and includes ingredients from all over the world.

Since the availability of products belonging to international cuisines varies according to the size of the town in which you live. Find certain ingredients will be much easier in New York than in a small town in Mississippi, for example.

Americans have different eating habits of our own, however this does not mean that you have to eat what they eat. You might as well go to the regular grocery store and look for Brazilian food shelf if you live in a city where there is a large number of Brazilian likelihood of that happening and bigger.

Remember however that Brazilian food here and more expensive and often not possible to find a lot of variety of typical Brazilian products available.

Ja buy the basic is less complicated: Rice and an item easy to find as you and also beans. So eat rice with beans every day is not an act impossible.

The problem in relation to it so happens if more Americans with. As they are not accustomed to eating our basic everyday dish (so they prefer potatoes or even meat, no nothing! And salad often do not think) there may be discussions about the best thing to do in these situations and build a balanced menu for the family that satisfies everyone.

Our eating habits are much healthier than Americans, and keep them a good decision, especially if you came with his family to ca.

The children will benefit greatly with a menu more varied and nutritious as nosso.No Yet the temptation lies immediately adjacent and to run the day-to-day American and easily get a little lazy and do not want to cook much and end up buying frozen food or fast food.

A good idea and buy the cooker crock pot, which slowly cooking while you're working and when you get home the food is already ready. Many American mothers do.

In relation to differ much from American condiments and although our feeding in general is "less fat", exaggerating the amount of salt in food.

Americans use far less salt and put different spices in the food, a favorite and pepper. Ever wonder why Americans are so fond of Mexican food? Pepper and answer!

They also love putting high calorie dressings on salads (which makes the salad become "less healthy") and possibly find trocentos kinds of "flavors" of sauces on the market. The same occurs with the barbecue them, the famous barbecue, however in this case the addition of sauces and sweetened with honey based, sugar, brown sugar and so on.

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