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Soy Non-Dairy Alternatives People looking for dairy free food will find a variety of soy products like cheese, yogurt, sour cream, and frozen desserts that do not contain soy milk or milk protein. New technologies that transform sugar foods and new varieties of soybeans result in new flavors that closely resemble the products based on cow's milk and other dairy products.

In the Market

Soy foods are dairy free throughout the store - refrigerated dairy products and juices in the fruit and vegetable section, and in the health food section or natural food. Frozen soy desserts are next with ice cream and other frozen desserts in a huge variety of delicious flavors.

The tofu is now available and is similar to the traditional cheese like mozzarella, cheddar, cheese, pepper, and jalapeno. It is sold in slices, scratched, and blocks. The soy parmesan cheese, soy cream cheese and soy sour cream are alternatives that are already the supermarkets.

Soy yogurt is usually found next to the traditional yogurt and come in similar flavors and sizes.


  • Hain Celestial Group, Inc.: Yves The Good Slice, The Good Shreds, SoyDream Non-Dairy Frozen Desserts
  • TurtleMountain
    : I'm Delicious line, Purely Decadent, Organic, Fruit Sweetened, and Organic Lil 'Buddies
  • WhiteWave Foods: Silk Cultured Soy, Silk Live! Smoothies
  • WholeSoy & Co: WholeSoy & Co Yogurt and Smoothies in a variety of flavors
  • 8th Continent-original, vanilla, and chocolate, all flavors available in light and fat free
  • 5 Ways to Eat Dairy Free Soy Foods

    1. Make a smoothie with soy milk and fruit.
    2. Add tofu scratched a fresh green salad.
    3. Prepare a tofu cream to mix fruit jams.
    4. Prepare a healthy sandwich using sliced ​​tofu and soy.
    5. Finish a meal with a healthy dessert frozen soy.

    In the Kitchen

    Use non-dairy soy foods as you would any dairy and make sure to check the expiration date. The best way to use soy sour cream is like gravy and dressing. It is not advisable to cook soy sour cream but if it works well when used with baked prescribe.

    The soy cream cheese works well in all kinds of recipes, including those cooked on the stove and in the oven. Soy cheeses have different characteristics to melt. Those containing soy cheese casein, a milk protein, melt better and are similar to cheese food cow. The soy cheese contains no dairy, a sugar found in milk. For those who are strictly vegetarian, you can find soy cheese without casein.

    Expect to culinary experiments if using tofu instead of normal cheese recipes. We recommend using recipes soy providers or cookbooks focused on soy.

    Nutritional Aspects of Food Dairy Free Soy

    The dairy-free soy foods are a good source of essential fatty acids. They contain no cholesterol and little or no saturated fat. These products are a good alternative and are also an excellent source of high quality protein, B vitamins, other vitamins and minerals, just check the product label for nutrient content. Important bio-active components, including isoflavones, naturally found in soy. These components are being studied with respect to the amelioration of menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, the maintenance of bone health, and prevention of prostate cancers, colorectal, and breast cancer. The content and bio-active component varies from product to product, depending on how much soy protein is in food as protein is processed.

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