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Search the Northern Lights in Akureyri | North Iceland

two weeks wandering between dirt, storms, unspoiled nature in one of the most beautiful countries in the world!

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Survivors Iceland! "Where you going this summer? In Ireland? "" No, in Iceland! "" Ah ... (doubts) and what there is to see in Iceland? "" Well, in a word NATURE "" But you are not afraid of the Volcano Ae-oku .. lla .. (That thing)? "" Well, we hope that the Eyjafjalla not give us problems, now flight, car and living room we have booked in February! "

More or less these were the banter between us and our friends or colleagues, who despite the bad news given the news in the spring, we continued to believe that we will be able to get on Icelandic soil. Why this choice? Well, we liked the idea of ​​going to a place so different from our city with too many people, so many services and shopping centers, we wanted to see what it's like living with the rhythms of nature, we wanted our look spaziasse far as usually we do not to do, we wanted to breathe the air of the North, the love which we had two years ago during our honeymoon. We wanted to know the hospitable successors of the Vikings and Irish priests, but more importantly, we could not wait to do another holiday "on the road"! And so in January we have defined the two weeks off and open the piggy bank. Yes, because despite the economic crisis, Iceland is still a country a bit 'more expensive than Italy, though with some changes you can greatly reduce the cost of travel. We, for example we almost always slept in hostels of the circuit, of which we are members. We always have a good, they are clean, affordable and you can cook anything you want which becomes essential when you find yourself in the most remote places. Some hostels also have rooms with private bathroom, but usually you have to share. To be more quiet (although not necessary) we brought from a pack of disposable wipes disinfectant for swimming and water cover. To save something, we got carried away towels and sleeping bag (a bag sheet would have been enough). In all hostels or private homes is the fantastic custom of taking off your shoes at the entrance and for convenience we always had at hand the non-slip socks to put on our socks. For shopping, supermarkets Bonus (those with a little pig 'cross-eyed) are the cheapest, but we often had to go where you were. What to buy? At the supermarket, I have always a lot of fun, I bought terrible things (such as dried fish and apples of McIntosh apples ... and Macintosh), but also delicious things, for example: - Bread, normal and Rugbrod, one cooked underground with the geothermal heat. It 'a little' sweet but delicious for breakfast with jam or chocolate - the omlette already prepared (comode!!) - Huge boxes of corn flakes (really huge) - the cinnamon rolls (type Kannelbullar Swedish) - bizarre are strawberries in syrup produced in Reykjavik (my husband did not like me yes) - is excellent smoked salmon, we have also brought home as a souvenir - if you have a way to consume enough food or keep it for a long time in the frozen food section There are salmon steaks, lobster and other fish excellent appearance - not to be missed is Skyr, the thick yogurt. The small packs have already inside the plastic spoon, so you can also enjoy it on the street. Great for breakfast while the natural one for snack / dessert that banana and chocolate (even though the raspberry is yummy) - tomatoes Icelanders do not have much flavor, but are locally produced

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