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U.S. Heinz (Heinz)

U.S. Heinz (Heinz)

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U.S. Heinz Company Profile

In 1869, 25-year-old H · J · Heinz first put his sauce transparent glass bottles sold him in this initiative is to make people more intuitive to see the purity degree of this sauce Pittsburgh Youth probably did not think he thereby created a sales of more than $ 9.4 billion today, the food kingdom. In 1896, H · J · Heinz 60 kinds of products will be classified as 57 categories, from 57 the magic number became synonymous with Heinz and still in use.

Today, Heinz Group's subsidiaries and affiliates in more than 110 countries and has more than 150 kinds of one of the best known brands worldwide, is the undisputed global nutritional food industry leaders. Group's major products include condiments (ketchup, condiments and a variety of sauces) and full meals and fast food (frozen food, baby food, snacks appetizers and soups, Pasta) two categories.

Heinz condiments, make life more gusto

Heinz condiment which 140 countries in the world with annual sales of up to $ 2.5 billion, only Heinz ketchup in global annual sales reached 650 million bottles. Annual production of small bags Heinz ketchup or other sauces as many as 11 billion package, the equivalent of two packs of global staffing. "Heinz Ketchup is" more people around the world relish.

Heinz meals and fast food, nutrition, delicious

Heinz frozen food for its wonderful taste and unmatched convenience in the world with 2 billion in sales. Heinz parents are trusted worldwide. In 2002, the world's parents buy for their baby Heinz baby food, biscuits, cereal and juice, the cumulative cost of nearly $ 1 billion. Heinz nutrition experts keep the pace of technological progress, continues to introduce new baby for countries to provide more nutritious and delicious. Times more reliable "Heinz" is also a growing number of Chinese parents favor for me.

In many countries, Heinz means soup, baked beans and pasta. In this dynamic category , the Heinz equally striking results. Innovative products and breakthrough advertising to Heinz soups in the UK and Europe markets exclusive boil. Heinz, founder of H · J · Heinz has a saying: "The extraordinary things done extraordinary splendid, which Heinz success." Heinz incumbent CEO William · R · Mr Johnson said: "The quality and Innovation is the driving force pushing forward Heinz. "It is in this guiding ideology under the guidance of the more than 130 years of history and an unprecedented food Kingdom is full of vitality. Heinz will, as always, the latest ideas, the most abundant nutrition, the most wonderful taste together with dedication to every household in the world, so that people enjoy better and more exciting life. salacious search results for nuru massage nyc.

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