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Iglo: On 6 March is the day of frozen foods - Clarence Birdseye (PICTURE)Iglo 15 fish fingers / The use of this picture is free for editorial purposes.Please release the source: "obs / Iglo"

Capt'n Iglo / The use of this picture is for editorial purposes free of charge.Please release the source: "obs / Iglo"

Hamburg (ots) - Clarence Birdseye you actually know?The Americans considered the father of frozen foods,since in 1912 he among the Inuit in the far north the foundation for a court laid,which is now really everyone knows: the Iglo fish sticks.On one of his expeditions to the American biologist looked at from a preservation method used for freezing suspended in freshly caught fish in the minus 40 degree cold air and so naturally preserved.Particularly impressed Birdseye that the fish tasted just as good as fresh after thawing - he put it down to the quick by deep freezing temperatures.Back home,he developed a machine that took up these principles and with whom he could freeze food machine for the first time.To appreciate so much innovation,are still named after the American explorer,the Birds Eye Iglo sister brands in the UK and U.S..

And what does this have to do with the day Clarence Birdseye frozen foods?Him this culinary holiday was introduced in 1984 in honor,because on 6March 1930 was sold in the U.S.,the first frozen vegetable under the name "Birds Eye Frosted Foods".More interesting facts on the subject of frozen foods can be found at the day of frozen foods here.Iglo: On 6 March is the day of frozen foods - Clarence Birdseye (PICTURE)

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The Iglo GmbH in Germany is the leading brand companies in the frozen food with an emphasis on vegetables and fish.With the promise of "Every day a tasty idea" Iglo offers consumers daily culinary inspiration for a varied and balanced diet,coupled with excellent taste and high nutritional claim.

In collaboration with the culinary expert Thomas Krause Iglo regularly develops new delicious recipe ideas for big and small.The most successful products include the Iglo GmbH Iglo Iglo fish fingers and cream spinach.Iglo is active since 1959 in the German frozen food segment and brand leader in the fields of vegetables and fish.

The Iglo GmbH is part of Iglo Foods Group,which sells frozen products under the brand Iglo,and her British-Irish counterpart Birds Eye is currently in eleven European countries.The products meet the highest quality standards,are produced in a sustainable and socially responsible manner and harvest frozen or freshly caught.Office of the company is Hamburg,production sites in Germany are Reken in Münster and Bremerhaven.

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