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3 日的「 2013 年波士頓國際海產展( The International Boston Seafood Show )」,昨 (12) 日在波士頓國際會議中心 (BCEC) 落幕。 North America's largest,three-day "2013 International Boston Seafood Show (The International Boston Seafood Show)",yesterday (12) International Convention Center in Boston (BCEC) ended.

(St. Mary's River Smokehouses) 以烤箱燻三文魚獲得最佳新零售商獎, St. Mary's River smoked house (St. Mary's River Smokehouses) in order to get the best new oven smoked salmon Retailer Award(Stix and Phillips Foods,Inc.) 以螃蟹烹飪獲得最佳新餐飲業獎 (Best New Foodservice) 。 Steven g and Phillips Foods Inc. (Stix and Phillips Foods,Inc.) In order to get the best crab cooking new food and beverage industry awards (Best New Foodservice).

(Wellfleet) 鎮的基思羅斯 (Keith Rose) 儘管是第一次參加波士頓國際海產展,卻在廿名參賽者中,一舉奪得第七屆生蠔去殼比賽首獎,獲得獎金 700 元。 Massachusetts Wei Fuli (Wellfleet) Town Keith Ross (Keith Rose) though is the first time to participate in the International Boston Seafood Show,but in the twenty contestants,won first prize in the seventh game shucked oysters,get bonus 700 yuan.1 分 41 秒內,剝去一打生蠔的殼,僅以 15 秒之差,打敗去年冠軍,來自華盛頓州西雅圖的 David Leck 。 He was 1 minute 41 seconds,stripped of a dozen oysters shell,only 15 seconds of the poor,defeated last year's winner,from Seattle,Washington David Leck. 2011 年的冠軍,西雅圖的 Jorge Hernandez 。 The third is the 2011 champion,Seattle Jorge Hernandez.

100 多個國家的大約 1000 多家公司, 19000 餘名食品、海產業者出席,在三天會期中展售、交流。 This year's exhibition conditions and similar to last year,there are about 100 countries from more than 1, 000 companies,19, 000 more than the food,the seafood industry who attended the three-day exhibition period will be for sale and exchange.

台灣區冷凍水產公會總幹事徐著英率團,共有 17 家會員廠商近 40 人出席。 Exhibitors from Taiwan,still Taiwan Frozen Seafood Association of the United Kingdom delegation to the Director-General Xu,a total of 17 member companies of nearly 40 people attended.大型台灣海產圖片,也以展櫃擺出魚貝海鮮類冷凍原料或加工食品,供參展者參考,甚至試吃。 They put on a large-scale Taiwanese seafood pictures,but also to showcase put Beihai Fresh Frozen fish raw or processed foods,for exhibitors reference,or even try to eat.Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Boston Director Honghui Zhu and business team leader Dan Daling,specially in the exhibition in the hotel to meet with exhibitors will cheer.

2012 年出口總量達 19 億 9184 萬美元,其中日本佔出口總值的 30.5% ,而美國佔出口總值的 7.5% 。 Xu pointed out that the United Kingdom,Taiwan's exports of aquatic products in 2012 reached a total of 1.9 billion $ 91, 840, 000,of which Japan accounted for 30.5% of total exports,while the United States accounted for 7.5% of total exports.

重點行銷石斑魚 (Grouper) ,因為台灣已有逾 30 年的養殖石斑魚經驗,培育種魚及魚苗的技術成熟,在全世界目前可成功量產 10 種石斑魚中,台灣已可量產其中 7 種,包括台灣石斑魚種類包括:龍膽石斑魚 (Giant Grouper) 、青石斑魚 ( 黑點石斑, Malabar Grouper) 、青石斑魚 ( 紅點石斑, Orange-Spotted Grouper) 、老虎斑 (Brown-Marbled Grouper) 、老鼠斑 (Humpback Grouper) 、七星斑 (Leopard Coral Grouper) 、布氏斑 (Duskytail Grouper) 、藍身大斑石斑 (Potato Grouper) 等,為台灣贏得「石斑魚王國」稱號。 This year the regiment focused marketing grouper (Grouper),because Taiwan has over 30 years of experience in grouper farming,cultivating species of fish and fry mature technology,the success in the world is currently available in volume production 10 kinds of grouper,Taiwan,production of which 7 have been available species,including Taiwan grouper species include: gentian grouper (Giant Grouper),green grouper (black dot grouper,Malabar Grouper),green grouper (red dot grouper,Orange-Spotted Grouper),tiger grouper (Brown-Marbled Grouper) ,mice spot (Humpback Grouper),seven spots (Leopard Coral Grouper),Brandt spots (Duskytail Grouper),blue-spotted grouper big body (Potato Grouper),etc. for Taiwan to win "grouper kingdom" title.

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