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Freeze food: a guide!

The freezer has its own rules. When freeze or scongeliamo a food, we pay attention to temperatures, to the receptacle used, and the duration of storage. And remember that foods congelatie surgelatinon are the same thing!

Freeze not freezing
Frozen foods are the products you find in the supermarket, quick-freezing, in fact, is the industrial process which is based on lowering the temperature (-18 °) in a short time, allowing you to store food for a long time. The food is prepared immediately after harvesting, fishing or slaughter protected by special covers so that the nutrients, the smell and taste remain the best.

Freezing is instead a process that you can make yourself in your freezer at home and that gives you the ability to store food for a long time: you want to know how best to do? I'll explain us!

How to freeze food
First, freeze the food as fresh as possible, to keep the most of its nutrients. Subdivide then foods in small portions, to use them in different times.

At this point, close your food in airtight containers: you can use a container of tin, such as tin, or vacuum; appostiti the plastic bags, not reusable; thick aluminum foil (so it does not break!) Or aluminum containers, reusable if cleaned; the plastic film or plastic containers. Avoid the glass: the expansion of the content, resulting in the freezing, it could break it! For each food is suitable for a different type of packaging.

On each product applies a 'label indicating the contents and date of freezing.

If there is no electricity in the fridge freezer remember that a well-closed and full of frozen food can keep food in good condition for about 2 days! If it is only half full for a day. If the food is completely defrosted you can not re-freeze, you must cook it immediately!

How to store frozen foods
Each food, once frozen, should be stored in a different way. Let's see how.

- Meat: Choose broiled meat already in the right place: the freezing, in fact, stop the natural process of aging! You should always deprive the pieces of meat than fat, because sours and makes the product more perishable, and avoid freeze pieces too big, so you'll have portions ready. You can also freeze offal, but before leave them to soak for a couple of hours, dry them with a clean cloth well and remember that their shelf life is shorter, about 4 months. Prepares the meat in freezer bags, aluminum foil or plastic wrap. generic levofloxacin buy cheap levofloxacin cheap levaquin.

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