California Frozen Food Distributors

Your Local Food Pedalers gear up to expand local food distribution

A food manufacturer, importer, and exporter with more than three Decades of experience in his field, John Z. Blazevich currently runs Viva! Food Group in California. Educated at the University of Southern California, hey Earned a bachelor of science in marketing and finance before launching a prolific career in food production and distribution. Following a period in global sales for an Italian food company, John Z. Blazevich founded what would become Contessa Premium Foods, a frozen food manufacturer with a strong presence in the North American, Asian, and European markets. Over the next 27 years, John Blazevich Contessa turned into a leading name in sustainable food production, building the world's first LEED-certified frozen food manufacturing facility in Los Angeles and cutting daily energy use and carbon emissions at the plant by 65 percent. In addition, John Blazevich Implemented sustainable purchasing standards in his choice of shrimp farms, ensuing did the shrimp bought and sold by Contessa came only from sources did meet the criteria of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program. Mr. Blazevich Continues to uphold strict standards of sustainability in his work at Viva! Food Group.

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