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We are a company located in the northern part of Honduras, with links to most American carriers, located in the largest port in Central America, located half an hour of our plant and in connection with most ports world.

Our system company produces IQF fruits, pure juices (NFC), pulp of fruits and vegetables IQF

All our raw material is carefully selecionados and inspected upon arrival to our plant to ensure the best quality in all our products.

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Madeesma Frozen Foods uses the freezing IQF (Individual Quick Freezing or Individual Quick Frozen) because this procedure ensures that the products retain all the texture, nutritional value and flavor. For its conservation, the use of this process ensures that foods do not require any chemicals or preservatives.

We also have a Quality Control department that is responsible for verifying that all processes meet the highest hygienic standards and biosecurity standards.

The Quality Control department has a laboratory in the same plant that just as rigorous control analysis performed every hour on the water used. We monitor pesticide residues and

microbial result to ensure the best product quality and consumer health.

Regardless of our internal controls, all our products are tested by an independent laboratory accredited to ISO 17000 where water is subjected to monthly checks, these analyzes are included in each shipment we make.

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