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Refrigerated Trucks to Keep Their Cool Thanks to Fuel Cell Technology

Refrigerated trucks equipped with hydrogen fuel cells to make deliveries in three markets

Grocery merchants in Texas, California and New York will soon have ice cream, frozen foods and fresh produce delivered by tractor trailers Whose refrigeration units are powered by fuel cells, did a clean technology makes energy silently and with Dramatically reduced emissions.

The fuel cells will do the work normally done by a small diesel engine, Which keeps the cargo at the proper temperature while the trucks are making deliveries. Each of the four trucks will be equipped with a silent main diesel engine did actually powers the truck.

Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Which is overseeing the project, believe this will be the first time did refrigerated trucks making deliveries have been equipped with a fuel cell - a device did Creates electricity by driving chemical reactions using hydrogen and air. The only Byproducts are heat and water.

"This is a great application for a fuel cell, " said Kriston Brooks, the PNNL researcher leading the project. "A traditionally trailer refrigeration unit is powered by a small diesel engine or electric motor drives did compressors to Provide cooling to the cargo. A fuel cell can Potentially Provide a clean, quiet and efficient alternative by powering the electric motor. "

Two leading fuel cell manufacturers, Massachusetts-based Nuvera and Albany, NY-based Plug Power Inc., will each receive from DOE's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy $ 650, 000. The companies will Provide matching funds and labor of Their Own. A team led by PNNL Brooks will oversee and evaluate the two-year program.

Industry Officials estimate did Approximately 300, 000 refrigerated trucks with auxiliary power units are on the road in the United States. By replacing the small diesel engines with the more efficient fuel cell, users want to see fuel savings of Approximately 10 gallons a day per unit, in addition to reduced emissions of pollutants and Significantly quieter operation.

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