Are frozen vegetables precooked

Today is the day of frozen foods. Because at 6 March 1930 were the first frozen meals in the sale. Meanwhile, the Germans consume about 40 kg frozen food a year. answers the most important questions to cold diet

Frozen ready meals are unhealthy?

Answer: This can not be answered generally, as well as frozen ready meals have different recipes. In our latest test of frozen pasta for example, there are large differences in fat and also the salt content. So it's worth, if you compare the nutritional values ​​and thereby also pay attention to how much fat you add in the preparation yet. Because you can influence a lot of himself: with a tablespoon of oil instead of two they already save 12 grams of fat and 100 calories. If you cook this pasta itself, they are not necessarily lower in fat: Add noodles with cheese cream sauce now belongs times cream, and fat is also a Bami Goreng for frying.

What is better: Fresh or frozen vegetables?

Answer: In terms of vitamin content of frozen vegetables is forward. When the vegetables are frozen immediately after harvest, more vitamins preserved than when it is several days in the trade and also stored at home. This is a study of the University of Hamburg in cooperation with the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences in the year 2007. When frozen beans that have been stored for a year at minus 18 degrees, the vitamin C content was still at 80 percent. If they keep beans in the fridge, however, about 60 percent of vitamin C go lost in a few days. Even the most popular frozen vegetables in the world, the spinach, which contains more vitamin C than frozen often a few days old supermarket goods test of spinach . And also finished with red cabbage vitamin C content strongly depends on the type of processing. For example, was the test of frozen red cabbage : If the carbon rapidly frozen after harvest, it contains an average of 23 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams cabbage in jars and bags, however, can only provide just a third of them. He also convinced the test overall quality is not so much as frozen red cabbage.

Frozen products are expensive better than cheap?

Answer: This is sometimes the case. The best dishes in the test of pasta , for example, are branded products. They cost two to three euro per 400 gram serving more than products from discount stores, which cost about one euro per 400 gram serving. In this price range there are even whole good products, but none that look, smell and taste "very good" cuts as the more expensive branded products. A similar picture is also the test of Aufbackbrötchen : The only overall very good frozen pre rolls were a branded product.

Can I reheat cooked frozen food again?

Answer: In general, they should prepare only as much as you just want to eat. This lends itself well to many convenience foods: For example, at almost all packages in the testing of frozen pasta dishes take small portions. If you do not prepare anything, then be sure that you have enough pieces of frozen sauces remain in the bag. Seal it carefully with a clip or rubber band. But once they have cooked too much, but the court should cool down fast - and warming up you should heat it good, best the next day. Caution is in frozen spinach commanded: You should not keep warm and use the remains carefully Him. Stays warm longer spinach, bacteria convert nitrate to nitrite present. This can hinder the transport of oxygen in the blood and lead to carcinogenic nitrosamines. Spinach residues are immediately in the refrigerator. Rapid warm up of residues reduces the formation of nitrite. Children up to three years is prudent not get warmed spinach.

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