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Customers shoddy Mongolia complex and difficult to clarify the link "horse meat scandal" spread to 16 countries in Europe, the EU emergency meeting to discuss measures

Local time on February 13 evening, the EU agriculture ministers held an emergency meeting in Brussels, on the growing "horse meat scandal" to discuss countermeasures. Influenced by this event in France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania and the Minister of Agriculture will discuss the issue. As of press time reporter, the meeting is still in progress. Irish EU Presidency on the 12th said that apart from the meetings, will be held April 23 larger EU agriculture ministers meeting to continue the discussion on this issue.

Beef Burger Jingxian horsemeat

January 15, the Irish Food Safety Authority announced during routine spot checks found in food, the production of certain British and Irish beef burgers containing horsemeat. With the further expansion of the situation, also found that the UK Tesco supermarket beef sold in some spaghetti and other frozen foods contain 60-100% of horseflesh. British media said that these issues are the meat supplier headquartered in Sweden, Europe's largest frozen food processing enterprises Fen Desi, while manufacturers are located in the northeastern part of the French enterprises.

In early February, the British supermarket frozen food group recommendations recall some beef processed foods. On the 12th, the French distributor of frozen food production Picard announced that the company's six Kusakabe frame two Picard brand beef pie detected in horsemeat. French Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Office raided the 11th of the incident involving two French corporate headquarters.

"Horsemeat scandal" has taken the British Isles, became the hottest topic in continental Europe, consumers are very worried, very worried about what to eat in the end. Currently, the United Kingdom has requested that all food retailers of all beef processing products investigated and submitted no later than the 15th preliminary findings. UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Minister Owen Paterson ‧ warned that the findings could "even worse."

Beef, horsemeat how to change

Then the horse is how to makeover and add it into the beef food? Italy, the UK supermarket frozen lasagna and beef burgers as an example: one of these foods by the same traders in the northeastern part of the French production, the French trader, who took over from the supermarket orders assigned under the jurisdiction of a food factory in Luxembourg is responsible for processing production. This food factory followed a meat factory in the south of France ordered beef. French beef meat factory orders turn these again contracted to a Cyprus subcontractors. Cyprus Merchant Dutch trading company and then look for a purchase, the Dutch trading company linked to Romania slaughterhouse, purchasing beef. In this way, Romania slaughterhouse is finally processed into hamburger meat, pasta and other beef products. A similar situation also appears in the Polish slaughterhouses and other food plants. It is said that as many as 16 countries within the EU there may be a similar situation to horseflesh posing beef.

Purple carrots hitting UK (No, this is not a joke!). (The Green Scene).(United Kingdom)(Brief Article)(Product Announcement): An article from: Quick Frozen Foods International
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I have a good business story to tell -

For the better part of 10 years I was an electrical maintenance tech in America's largest privately held food manufacturing companies - Schwans Sales Enterprises. Schwans manufactures and home delivers high end frozen foods and Ice Cream.
With no formal education ever - Marvin Schwans started with a single truck making and selling his homemade ice cream in 1932. For 60 years Schwans grew to become a leading innovator and developer of mass produced frozen food - acquiring many brand names along the way - like Tony's Pizza, Red Barron Pizza,and Fresahetta Pizza - Mihn Chinese foods, etc

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