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  1. Position CEO at China - Eu Seafood Demographic information | International Trade and Development Zurich Area,Switzerland | International Trade and Development News:CEO at at China - Eu Seafood,CEO at Arni Mar ehf,Founder at Praying and Healing Sanctuary Summary:"Whatever the mind can conceive and believe,the mind can achieve achievement."Arni Jensson Christian,believer,visionary,healer,bohemian,peace-lover,artist,entrepreneur,civil construction,graduated from Idnskoli Hf Iceland1980.House developer,own company from 1980 to 1990.Experienced in operating cargo vessels in North Atlantic waters.Part owner of MS Florinda 2400MT refer vessel from 1998 to 2002.Exporting bacalhau 1997-1999 controlling markets in Spain,Portugal,Greece,Italy,Norway,Canada and Brazil.Founder and owner of sea-related fast food factory Frozen foods Reykjavik Ltd.1995-1999 sold. Wide experience in start up and product Developments.Founder and owner of 1928 import,wholesale and retail company in Iceland as well as owning and operating Chinese company in outsourcing products for Eu buyers.Operating Companies,LTD ArniMar in Fish trade,importing from China,Myanmar,Africa to mid Eu countries Switzerland and Germany.Private Equity in Switzerland,working with selective banks and private investors worldwide.Working with investors in Oils & Gas.Happiness is Arni's ultimate goal in life :)
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Will vegetarian frozen food in UK take marketers down garden path? (News From Europe): An article from: Quick Frozen Foods International
Book (E.W. Williams Publications, Inc.)
2006-05-08 17:19:08 by mvcdirtygirl

Nestle to buy McCartney Frozen Foods

Devotees of ethical consumerism were dismayed when The Body Shop was sold last month to a company part-owned by Nestlé.
They may now have further food for thought following reports that the company set up by the vegetarian trailblazer Linda McCartney is also about to be swallowed up by the Swiss food giant, which is named today among a top 10 of "unethical" multinational companies.

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Advertising watchdog bans Iceland Foods' horsemeat advert  —
The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned frozen food retailer Iceland from using an advert that discredited the inspection standards of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).

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