American Frozen Food Institute 2011

Before the pizza,ketchup almost be considered a vegetable

In American kitchens,subsidized by the state,pizza slice is already considered a vegetable ,provided that it is composed of two tablespoons of tomato sauce,reports AP.In the context of the fight against obesity,the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine in 2009 ,the U.S. Department of Agriculture wanted to increase this amount to 125 milliliters but food lobbies actively fought against the passage of a such a measure,arguing that it would be too much tomato sauce for a slice of pizza .ConAgra Foods and Schwan Food Company,which are two major companies in the distribution of frozen pizzas to U.S. canteens,call for flexible options canteens.Congress gave them reason.

This flexibility is also involved in the context of limited federal spending ,said ABC's expert Jennifer Cohen of the New America Foundation.

"Healthier meals are more expensive.As long as we remain in a situation of budgetary and fiscal austerity at the federal level,it is unlikely to see a change for healthy school lunch meals. "

While the U.S. Department of Agriculture put in place the recommendations of the 2009 Institute of Medicine ,the changes (including the restriction of foods rich in starch such as potatoes or corn) could increase the cost of 14 cents each lunch.

Reagan and ketchup

Such a discussion had taken place under the Reagan administration had tried to reduce the federal budget for public school cafeterias in classifying ketchup,cheaper than greens as a vegetable .Any subsidized canteen is,indeed,required to meet nutritional standards set by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.As recounted chronic The Straight Dope the Chicago Reader,shortly after the arrival in power of the California Governor in the White House,a 90-day ultimatum was sent to the U.S. Department of Agriculture responsible for rethinking the nutritional standards canteens subsidized by public funds after a billion dollars had been removed from the budget.

One proposed by the committee of experts and managers feeding options was to include ketchup in the variety of vegetables served ,a food known to be very popular with children who have been selected as a vegetable,thus avoiding waste.Under pressure from the media and the democratic opposition,the proposal was rejected.

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