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Le B.A. BA de la congélation maison Fish, meat, vegetables, bread or fruit, plain or cooked, their freezing must take certain precautions to ensure quality without taking risks.

Here are 10 great rules of "freezing house."

  • Any excuse to "freezing house!"
  • The 10 main rules of freezing

Any excuse to "freezing house!"

  • To save time left to cook, you make more power to freeze. It always helps out.
  • To earn money: your small meals back cheaper than industrial.
  • For pleasure: the price of salmon was particularly interesting to the market, or you will enjoy for a very decent price Jacques scallops in the month of June!
  • To avoid wasting : your neighbors are canceled, you will have your lasagna freeze in portions. Your garden or your fruit trees have given good this year.
  • To improve the atmosphere in the house tonight Coralie wants a pizza, lasagna and Nicolas Sébastien a cordon-bleu.
  • To enjoy your Sea e: your beef bourguignon was particularly successful and she loves ...

The 10 main rules of freezing

1) You must have a freezer where the temperature drops to -25 ° C (industrial, them cool products quickly to -35 ° C).

2) Freeze your food as quickly as possible.
More food is fresh, the better they will be at the end of freezing.
Meat, fish, fresh vegetables and bread must be put in the freezer immediately upon your return from the market or bakery.

3) What about vegetables: you must blanch (plunge in unsalted boiling water for 3-10 minutes, then in cold water before you drain well and dry) to inactivate enzymes. could change the flavors, colors and textures during freezing.

4) What about fresh fruit: do not wash, but clean them and remove the stems and pits.

5) All your products must be packed as tightly as possible (bags, boxes, aluminum ...).
Alternatively, a layer of frost is deposited, which damages the quality of food (taste, texture ...).
Note the date of freezing, the nature of the product and the ideal weight.

6) home frozen foods have limited lifetimes.

  • Fruits and vegetables : about 10 months.
  • Meat: 8 months.
  • Cooked meat (bourguignon, stew, stew ...): 5 months.
  • Soup: 3 months .
  • Fish: 3 months.
  • Pain: 3 months.
  • Cooked fish (sauce, breaded ...): 2 months.
  • Pie, pie, pizza two months.

7) Do not freeze: yogurt, cream, fresh milk, cakes made ​​with egg whites, shellfish except scallops Jacques, minced meat.

8) Emphasize the freezing small quantities: Divide into portions, multiply freezer bags or boxes do not fill to the top.

9) Do not thaw your products at room temperature: let your products thaw in the fridge or use the microwave.

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